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Sedation Dentistry

No longer do you have to have to let anxiety direct your treatment alternatives. We realize that many patients find dental treatment, let alone surgical management, an experience that generates a substantial amount of anxiety. We provide a relaxed environment and safely offer both oral and IV conscious sedation to manage even the most worried patient.

IV Conscious is usually used to help patients relax during surgery or more advanced dental procedures that may take a longer time to complete. During this form of conscious sedation an IV is placed in the patient's vein in order to give the sedative medication. A patient is still able to respond to verbal commands and is aware of what is going on but the patient will not remember much of what happened during their procedure. This helps when dealing with a long procedure or patients that have a great deal of anxiety about surgery or their specific procedure.

Oral Sedation

Patients who are more anxious may need an oral medication that is stronger than nitrous oxide. With oral sedation, the patient may be sleepy but can be aroused if necessary and can respond to simple commands.

Minor side effects such as nausea or vomiting can occur with some medications. Before a visit in which a patient is to receive oral sedation, he/she should receive instructions about eating and drinking, what to expect and what to watch for after treatment. You may need assistance to get home after sedation. Patients may need to stay for a short observation after dental treatment has been completed.


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