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Hi-Tech Equipment

Air Abrasion

Whenever possible we use air abrasion rather than a drill. Air abrasion takes less tooth structure than a drill. Air Abrasion also eliminates vibration, noise, and the odor associated with a drill procedure.

Your tooth can then be filled with a strong chemically bonded material that can be matched to the color of your tooth making it appear nearly invisible. Tooth colored fillings are beautiful in appearance and can be completed in a single visit.

Digital Panoramic X-Rays

A panoramic x-ray is capable of providing a very detailed image of the entire mouth. This includes the teeth, jaw, sinuses and TMJ. It allows the doctor to see how everything looks and can compare how everything is working in relation to each other.

Digital X-Rays

Dr. Broere uses digital intraoral radiographs. Instead of traditional film, thin electronic sensors are used to receive the radiographic emission, which no longer requires chemical development of x-ray images. There is much less radiation needed to create the x-ray image, the images are enlarged and of higher resolution than a traditional film image, and offers a nearly instantaneous image on a computer screen.

Piezosurgical Unit

In the past dental hand pieces with burs were used to perform many of the surgical procedures involving the reduction of bone. Now an advanced device using sound waves can used to plane bone with the highest level of control with no impact on any of the surrounding movable soft tissues. This results in kinder and more consistent healing without harm to the surrounding tissues. It is ideal for sinus grafting, crown lengthening, tooth removal, and tori (bone outgrowths) removal.

Cone Beam Imaging

Many times there is a need to assess the cross section of the jaw bone to expertly place implants in an ideal position to support the planned replacement of the tooth (teeth). A cone-beam 3D imaging device that is available on location allows for accurate digital images of potential surgical sites. Images are taken in less than five minutes very much like an ordinary dental panoral x-ray, but the images are placed on a DVD, which can be evaluated with computer software. Implant templates of the specific implants to be used can be virtually “placed” for pre-surgical treatment planning on a three dimensional model.

Stryker Hnadpiece

Dr. Broere uses Stryker hand pieces for implant placement. A trusted manufacturer of precision surgical equipment in both in oral/maxillofacial and orthopedic realms, this unit offers substantial torque to allow for bone preparation at slow speeds with high irrigation to allow for placement of implants without harm to the supporting bone. This minimizes any post operative discomfort and allows for more predictable implant integration upon healing.

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